Registration Instructions

Please review carefully and be guided accordingly:

  1. Churches participating in the retreat commit to a total number and that is agreed on and confirmed with Fr Andrew, by the church priest or another point of contact with the knowledge of the church priest.
  2. In order to reserve the retreat place, they need to receive the full payment by a certain date; with that said; churches participating in the retreat need to send their full payment in the form of a check to Fr. Andrew Info, as listed below:

To: Fr. Andrew Awad
Address: 138 Evergreen Hill Rd.  
Fairfield CT 06824

Check payable to ECCC

Deadline: Please check the flyer for the deadline

Please Note: Fr Andrew WILL NOT be accepting payments from individuals, registration and payment must be done through the respective churches and with the knowledge of the assigned point of contact.

  1. A registration form and waiver will be accessible online for all the participating churches, and the assigned point of contact will be responsible for ensuring their church registration is completed before the deadline. Fr. Andrew will send out a link, and that’s when the registration will be open. Info as listed below:

Ratios: 1 servant/ 5 children. Per gender

Please Note: The registration link SHOULD NOT be shared with the parents to register their own children.

  1. The names received until April 15th from all participating churches are the names that will be counted for in finalizing all the logistics from that point forward; the shirts, the groups, the meals, the sleeping accommodations…
  2. We understand that in some circumstances, there might be revisions/ additions, and we will try our best to accommodate them however, an honest effort from the church coordinators should be made to keep these revisions to a minimum.
  3. The retreat place should not be contacted directly by any church with any questions or concerns before or during the retreat, all communication is to be done through Fr Andrew or his assigned point of contact, for that matter
  4. This is a first come, first serve registration, meaning the earlier a church commits and stays within the deadlines given above, the better to ensure and guarantee all accommodations with the least compromise.


New York & New Jersey / New England Applicant has to bring linens or a sleeping bag and pillows.